A description of our services is provided below:

Lending/Institutional Appraisals Services

Tyburski Appraisal Corporation provides high quality valuation services for both lending and institutional purposes. These services are provided for mortgages, asset management, foreclosure and portfolio review/stress test purposes.

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We also have a considerable amount of experience providing quality control services that include appraisal reviews, appraisal policy development and maintenance, approved appraiser list development & maintenance, education and training.

Interest Valuation, Tax Planning And Conservation Services

Tyburski Appraisal Corporation provides a variety of services for individual, corporate or partnership interest valuation, tax planning and conservation purposes. Our ability to tailor our services to the intended use of our clients is what sets us apart from our competition.

Services are available for:

  • Gift tax
  • Estate tax planning and  settlement
  • Partnership dissolution
  • Partial interest valuation such as minority interests, leasehold interests and life estates
  • Allocation of purchase price valuation
  • Conservation restrictions
  • Community Preservation Act
  • Insurable asset valuation

Condemnation Appraisal Services

Tyburski Appraisal Corporation has a significant amount of experience performing “before and after” appraisal and consulting services for full and part takings of fee, permanent or temporary easement interests involving surface, sub-surface and air rights. Our resources and experienced staff allows us to complete single or multiple property assignments thoroughly and on-time.

Ad Valorem Tax and Appeal Services

Whether representing a municipality or a property owner, Tyburski Appraisal Corporation ‘s three-part property analyses has proven to provide our clients with the information necessary to achieve a ” fair” tax assessment. This analysis involves a review of a property ‘s physical information for accuracy, a review of its assessment with other similar properties for proportionality, and an analysis of its assessment to its market value. The resulting conclusions, in conjunction with our representation at an early informal hearing, typically achieves a settlement prior to incurring the significant expenses associated with a formal appeal.

Litigation Valuation Services

Tyburski Appraisal Corporation is often hired for services involving the most complex appraisal problems which frequently involve litigation including potential expert testimony. By combining a considerable amount of valuation and litigation support experience, we are able to provide in-depth solutions to litigation valuation problems, hearing or trial preparations and expert testimony. We can also evaluate opposition’s valuation reports and testimony for cross examination purposes. We can further generate forensic exhibits for effective presentations to complement expert testimony.

Service areas include :

  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure
  • Tax Appeal
  • Eminent Domain
  • Breach of Contract
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Title Defects
  • Other Miscellaneous Disputes

Consulting Services

Consulting services include a number of services not typically associated with the appraisal function. Some examples of these services include:

Due Diligence: Evaluation of existing properties, potential acquisitions/dispositions or financing proposals.
Cash Flow Modeling : What if scenarios. Discounted cash flow analysis. Operating cost projections. Sensitivity analysis. Break-even analysis. Internal rates of return .
Site Selection: Demographic, traffic count and pattern, proximity to competition, zoning and physical site characteristic studies of potential sites.
Abutter’s Acquisition/Disposition Analysis: Investment analysis on a “before-and-after” basis for buyers or sellers of abutting property which measures stand-alone value, at-the-fence value, abutter’s value and enhancement value.
Buyer/Lessee Representation: Representation which assures undivided loyalty which cannot be assumed with a conventional broker who traditionally is “working” for the seller/ lessor.
Market Studies: Market rate analysis. Inventory studies. Comparative sales data. Comparative amenity studies. Operating expense studies. Planned or approved developments. Available property studies. Demand studies for “affordable ” housing.
Highest and Best Use/Feasibility Analysis: Review of a site’s physically possible uses, legally permissible uses, neighborhood compatible uses, demand and supply, and related construction costs in order to determine which uses are feasible and which use is the highest and best use.

Tyburski Appraisal Corporation professionals have the market knowledge, specialized experience and seasoned judgment to provide advice, guidance and support in all real estate matters. All consulting assignments are custom tailored to meet each client’s intended use. We also have experience in other disciplines and locations or we will team with other real estate professionals  to provide a multi-disciplined and/or regional solution to your real estate problems.